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Global warming is mainly the result of CO2 levels rising in the Earth’s atmosphere. Both atmospheric CO2 and climate change are accelerating. Climate scientists say we have years, not decades, to stabilize CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

To help the world succeed, makes it easy to see the most current CO2 level and what it means. So, use this site and keep an eye on CO2.  Invite others to do the same. Then we can do more to send CO2 in the right direction.

Watch CO2 now and know the score on global warming, practically in real time.

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By all accounts, DCTV is the first television station on Earth to start regular broadcasting of atmospheric CO2 data on a daily basis.  

Read about DCTV’s pioneering role in the broadcast of CO2 data:

DCTV:  The First CO2 Data Broadcast on Earth

The DCTV community television station serves the Four Corners area of the United States – the point where four states converge – Utah, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.  DCTV is based in Delores County, Colorado. is pleased to support DCTV broadcasts as producer of the atmospheric CO2 displays used daily in the station's broadcasts since January 2011.  Below is a sample CO2 display previously used in a DCTV broadcast.  

DCTV CO2 Report

Sample CO2 Display for TV (March 10 2015)
Produced by CO2Now with NOAA-ESRL data and broadcast by DCTV

To enquire about starting a broadcast of global climate data for your local TV station, contact by phone or email.  

phone: +1-250-884-6760 (Canada)

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




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