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Global warming is mainly the result of CO2 levels rising in the Earth’s atmosphere. Both atmospheric CO2 and climate change are accelerating. Climate scientists say we have years, not decades, to stabilize CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

To help the world succeed, makes it easy to see the most current CO2 level and what it means. So, use this site and keep an eye on CO2.  Invite others to do the same. Then we can do more to send CO2 in the right direction.

Watch CO2 now and know the score on global warming, practically in real time.

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When you support the volunteer-driven work at, you are helping people around the world get objective, understandable information about the urgency, challenges and solutions for building international cooperation and stabilizing the Earth's climate.  

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Thank you for reading Atmospheric Monthly, the online publication for concerned, world-citizens like you. 

Atmospheric Monthly brings together the latest, leading data and information about what is happening to our planet, and what is being done to end the carbon crises of global warming, climate change and ocean acidification.  By reading Atmospheric Monthly on a regular basis, you get:

Solutions First  Updates on the latest efforts and breakthroughs for ending the carbon crises.

Data & Targets Second  Science-derived targets for ending the carbon crises, plus the latest, scientific data that shows humanity’s progress toward those targets. 

Carbon Media  A digest of carbon-related stories, reports and analysis from a broad array of leading sources on six continents. 

Atmospheric Monthly is a tool that helps people “think globally,” an important first step for making constructive personal and local changes.  This online publication is one of several global-thinking tools that are produced by the EarthWide Solutions Project, a new citizens’ initiative launched by Pro Oxygen.  Here are some quick EarthWide Solutions tools that are freely available to individuals, organizations and businesses around the world:

·         Subscribe to Atmosphere Monthly (if you didn’t already)

·         Visit Earth’s CO2 Home Page to see the latest measurements for atmospheric CO2 and global temperature

·         Use the website to get information and links from leading sources

You can also become a member of the EarthWide Solutions Project.  Simply take a ‘climate action’ that helps raise the profile of good information that will help people work together to end the planetary carbon crises.  Here are some climate actions you can take today:

·         Display atmospheric CO2 data on your website or blog with a free CO2Now widget.

·         Encourage others to use a CO2Now widget to display atmospheric CO2 levels on their site or blog.

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By becoming an ‘action member’ of the EarthWide Solutions Project, you put your voice, energy and resources behind growing, global effort to move from dangerous carbon crises to a clean energy, sustainable future.  Not only do you help others see and understand information that is needed to support a global transition, you see and use the information in ways you hadn’t before. 

Thank you.

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Michael McGeeEarth's CO2 Home Page was launched in December 2007. Since then, it has been kept up to date to show the latest data for the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmopshere. This makes it easy for people to find and track the changes in CO2 levels.

Why is it important to do this? Because CO2 is our main driver for human-caused global warming, climate change and ocean acidification. In short, CO2 is the main cause of our greatest environmental challenges. When you pay attention to the CO2 trends, you may find it easier to understand what it will take to stabilze global temperature, climate and pH levels in the ocean.

[For one thing, check out this "FAQ" from the latest IPCC report: 'If emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced, how quickly do their concentrations in the atmospheric decrease?' Or read this paper by top climate scientists: Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim?] is run independently on a self-funded basis. It is a part-time project that reposts objective, global data and makes it more accessible. This helps people get important, factual data. We can help end the climate crisis by gaining a better understanding of how our activities influence the climate, and what we can do to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Global climate data is elemental information that can help advance climate awareness, climate literacy and climate solutions.

If you would like to help others find and track atmospheric CO2 levels, here is a unique thing you can do at the CO2Now website: Embed a free CO2Now widget on your blog or website. When you do this, the widget updates without you needing to do anthing else. It keeps you and your site visitors on top of the latest data for atmospheric CO2 levels. You get updates at the same time as and the world's top climate scientists. When you use one of these innovative widgets, you will join many hundreds of others around the world who see the importance of keeping atmospheric CO2 levels up front and top of mind.

Whether or not you use one of the CO2Now widgets, I encourage you to keep learning and sharing your knowledge about atmospheric CO2, global temperature changes and what we can do to help one another stabilize global temperature, climate and ocean pH levels. The data shows that right now, we need to do a lot more to get the climate trends moving in the right direction.

Sustainably yours,

Michael McGee
Creator of Earth's CO2 Home Page &

Michael lives with his family and works for government in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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Starting December 2009, Atmosphere Monthly, the newsletter for, includes a short-list of about 10 exceptional carbon media articles from sources around the world.   This monthly list is mostly generated by selecting articles from the top picks that are found in the weekly Climate Change Media list created by David Spratt, head of Carbon Equity of Australia.   Carbon Equity is a climate change education and advocacy NGO based in Melbourne, Australia.   This NGO starts with the premise that global warming policies must be constructed within a framework of fully solving the problem, and that actions should deliver tangible results that fully-solve the problem in the real world.  Spratt David is also a co-author of Climate Code Red: The Case for Emergency Action.    


Some recommended newsletters

The following newsletters are recommended as excellent sources of information about a broad array of climate-related subjects.

Climate Change Media List @  |  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Climate Change Media is a weekly list of latest leading climate stories from around the world.   Selected stories cover climate change issues from a variety of perspectives.   They include:  energy, innovation, science, impacts, policy, politics and even psychology and strategy.    This is an excellent weekly review of climate change stories from around the world.   It is also an excellent source of stories about Australia where the list is generated. 

Science Daily
  |  Subscribe

Science Daily is an excellent source of information about science and research news.  A number of daily and weekly newsletters are available.   The ScienceDaily Environment News Summaries are recommended.  This is a broad review of environmental science and research issues that extends beyond climate science. 


UNFCCC News   |   Subscribe

This is a bi-monthly newsetter from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.    The UNFCCC e-newsletter gives a comprehensive overview of major news and announcements, along with practical information about upcoming events.

Solve Climate  |  Subscribe

Solve Climate is a great source of daily political and climate science analysis with a global view and a US focus. 

Atmosphere Monthly at  |  Subscribe

Atmosphere Monthly is the newsletter for this website,   This is the newsetter that keeps the atmospheric CO2 data up front and always current.  It is an excellent source of links to stories, research, books, innovations and people that help people understand what is happening in the atmosphere and the oceans, and what is being done to set things right. 



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by Michael McGee
August 19, 2009

Art Cube Concept by Christophe CornubertWhen I think of my carbon footprint, I see a five-toe imprint in warm, golden-brown sand.  I sense more comfort than discomfort, and a space that can fill a size 11 shoe.  When it comes to a person's carbon footprint, there is something unnatural about thinking it is much larger than the size of, well, a person's foot.  It might also be that I have never confronted the true size of my carbon imprint.   

For those who at least sense the importance of  understanding our personal and global emissions, a new art exhibition,CO2 CUBES , is about to  help us see and sense what is not visible to the naked eye.  Are you ready? 

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