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About CO2Now PDF Print E-mail republishes and organizes global climate data and related information from leading science and media sources around the world.  The website and its online tools are produced independently by informed, non-scientists to give people of many backgrounds easy access to the world's most current and reliable numbers, targets and reports on the planet we share. works to advance CO2 literacy as a stepping stone to decisions and solutions that will bring humanity's main environmental crises to an end: global warming, climate change and ocean acidification. 

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Michael McGee  |  August 2010Earth’s CO2 home page – and CO2 website – was launched into cyberspace on December 17, 2007.  At first, it was a one-page website that featured a single number:  the November 2007 average concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.    Every month since then, Earth’s CO2 Home Page has been faithfully and promptly kept up to date.

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Michael McGee in front of the solar panels that power 

These solar panels power the website.  They are located at the data centre near Sun City, California.   The sun powers the web servers in the data centre.  It also produces extra power that is stored in batteries to keep the data center running 24 hours a day, 365 days  a year.  The facility is the only data center in the world that gets its energy directly from the sun. 

CO2Now Coverage PDF Print E-mail is featured in the 2010 Guide to Best Websites on Sustainability.  This book is available in print and as an e-book.   It was produced by Manuel Quirós Galdón of Portugal. 



Lulu  |  Guía de las mejores web en torno a la sostenibilidad 2010 -Guide to the best websites on sustainability 2010




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The website and information tools are used by people of many backgrounds worldwide.   From time to time, aggregate information is posted about the people who visit the site and use the tools.  The following snapshot covers the one month period ending April 21, 2011. 

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From 2007 to present (2011), most funding for has been provided by Michael McGee and Traci McGee.  

Funding contributions have also been supplied by family members and a number of private individuals who include: Will Spaulding, Peter  Carter, Julie  Johnston,  Jack Scott, Richard  Habgood and Martin Herzfeld.