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Global warming is mainly the result of CO2 levels rising in the Earth’s atmosphere. Both atmospheric CO2 and climate change are accelerating. Climate scientists say we have years, not decades, to stabilize CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

To help the world succeed, makes it easy to see the most current CO2 level and what it means. So, use this site and keep an eye on CO2.  Invite others to do the same. Then we can do more to send CO2 in the right direction.

Watch CO2 now and know the score on global warming, practically in real time.

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Hello from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:

The unique tools and information at are available for free to every person, business and institution who can use them.  They support awareness, understanding and actions that are needed to get global CO2 emissions and atmospheric CO2 to start dropping.   The latest data shows that CO2 is rising at an accelerating rate.   Collectively, we continue to turn up the thermostat for our already-warm planet.   CO2Now was created to make it easy for non-scientiests to understand what is happening on a global scale, and to set the stage for understanding solutions that can help reverse the global trends. 

It's obvious that more work is needed on these challenges, not less.  If you are able, please consider supporting CO2Now with a donation.  Your donation can help sustain and enhance the work we are are doing to support and promote real-world solutions.  All contributions are appreciated, regardless of currency or amount.   Processing with PayPal ensures that your credit card or bank information is always secure and confidential.  All contributions are acknowledged with an email receipt and an email from me.    

Whether you are an expert in global climate issues, or just starting to figure out what it all means, the distributeion of the latest climate data is important and relevant for us all.  Thank you for supporting the work at 


Michael McGee
Founder, Pro Oxygen
Creator of

PS: If you would like to know how you can sponsor one of our CO2 awareness and literacy tools, or one of the projects that is being planned, please get in touch.  If you would like to contribute content or talent to the site, you are invited to share your idea.  To reach me, simply send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 250-884-6760 (Canada). 


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The CO2Now website is produced by Pro Oxygen. 

Pro Oxygen
Box 8800
Victoria, British Columbia 
V8W 3S3   Canada

Phone: 1-250-884-6760Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Since 2008, has been reposting and redistributing the latest readings for atmospheric CO2 and other climate change indicators from leading science sources.  It is an independent, citizen-run website that makes it easier for the global public to access and monitor information that is essential for understanding global changes in the earth's climate and biosphere. 

The site aims to raise the profile and understanding of the accelerating rise of atmospheric CO2 that affects all people and the wider community of life. Why? Because global problems like human-caused climate change and ocean acidification do not get solved when the rising level of atmospheric CO2 is not seen, understood and stopped. 

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Michael McGee  |  August 2010Earth’s CO2 home page – and CO2 website – was launched into cyberspace on December 17, 2007.  At first, it was a one-page website that featured a single number:  the November 2007 average concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.    Every month since then, Earth’s CO2 Home Page has been faithfully and promptly kept up to date.

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Michael McGee in front of the solar panels that power 

These solar panels power the website.  They are located at the data centre near Sun City, California.   The sun powers the web servers in the data centre.  It also produces extra power that is stored in batteries to keep the data center running 24 hours a day, 365 days  a year.  The facility is the only data center in the world that gets its energy directly from the sun. 

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