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July 15, 2009

"Plus 100" has a double meaning.  First, atmospheric CO2 has risen by more than 100 parts per million since the start of the industrial revolution.  Second, this "plus 100 media" list gives you more than 100 media stories from around the world that were published within the last month.   

Each media has a connection with the chemical changes that are happening in the atmosphere.   Together, they are a reminder of the scale of the challenge. 

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Solve Climate  |  Getting Kids and Parents Fired Up About Earth Science

Science Daily  |  Ozone, Nitrogen Change The Way Rising Carbon Dioxide Affects Earth's Water

Science Daily  |  Australia's Climate: Drought And Flooding In Annual Rings Of Tropical Trees

Science Daily  |  How Aerosols Contribute To Climate Change

Scripps  |  Scripps researchers tackle key challenge for climate models

BBC  |  Himalayan glacier studies commence

Science Daily  |  In The Warming West, Climate Most Significant Factor In Fanning Wildfires' Flames

Science Daily  |  First Detailed Look At Progress Of A Wildland-urban Fire

Science Daily  |  Methane-eating Microbes Can Use Iron And Manganese Oxides To 'Breathe'

Science Daily  |  Ice Sheets Can Retreat 'In A Geologic Instant,' Study Of Prehistoric Glacier Shows

Science Daily  |  Ancient Ice Age, Once Regarded As Brief 'Blip' Found To Have Lasted For 30 Million Years

Science Daily  |  Explosive Growth Of Life On Earth Fueled By Early Greening Of Planet

Science Daily  |  Close Relationship Between Past Warming And Sea-level Rise

Science Daily  |  Ancient Climate Change: When Palm Trees Gave Way To Spruce Trees

Science Daily  |  Ancient Supervolcano's Eruption Caused Decade Of Severe Winters

Science Daily  |  Sediment Yields Climate Record For Past Half-million Years

ANU (Aus)  |  Report: Climate Change 2009 - Faster Change and More Serious Risks

GCP  |  Global Carbon Project: Report assesses carbon buried in northern permafrost

Scientific American  |  The Arctic Thaw Could Make Global Warming Worse

Science Daily  |  Super-size deposits of frozen Arctic carbon could worsen climate change

NY Times  |  Oxfam Details Economic Impact of Warming

Guardian  |  Poor face more hunger as climate change leads to crop failure, says Oxfam

Solve Climate  |  Melting Ice Could Lead to Massive Waves of Climate Refugees

Solve Climate  |  Kivalina, Alaska: Soon-To-Be Climate Refugees Sue Energy Companies

Science Daily  |  Pacific Northwest forests could store more carbon

Science Daily  |  Abrupt Global Warming Could Shift Monsoon Patterns, Hurt Agriculture

Science Daily  |  First Climate-based Model To Predict Dengue Fever Outbreaks

Science Daily  |  Climate Change Already Having Impact On U.S., Expected To Worsen

Mongabay  |  Report: dire consequences for every US region from global warming

BBC  |  UK 'must plan' for warmer future, says Environment Secretary

Guardian  |  One in six UK homes 'at risk of flooding'

Guardian  |  UK Maps Climate Change in Its Backyard

Climate Progress  |  Dust-Bowl-ification spreads to southern Italy

Science Daily  |  African Bird Species Could Struggle To Survive Global Warming

Reuters  |  Climate Change Slowing China's Drive to End Poverty  |  Baffin Island:  Study warns of cataclysmic melting of glaciers

Santiago Times  |  Chilean glaciers melting at unprecedented rate

Science Daily  |  Ice Volume Of Switzerland’s Glaciers Calculated

Science Daily  |  Greenland ice melting faster; contributing more to sea level rise

Science Daily  |  Sea Ice At Lowest Level In 800 Years Near Greenland

Climate Progress  |  NSIDC: 2009 Arctic melt season in high gear

Science Daily  |  New NASA Satellite Survey Reveals Dramatic Arctic Sea Ice Thinning

Science Daily  |  Many Antarctic species ill prepared to cope with warmer ocean

Science Daily  |  Polar Bear And Walrus Populations In Trouble,  Report Suggests

Science Daily  |  Rising Acidity Levels Could Trigger Shellfish Revenue Declines, Job Losses

Science Daily  |  High Carbon Dioxide Levels Cause Abnormally Large Fish Ear Bones

Science Daily  |  Global Warming Increasing The Dispersal Of Flora In Northern Forests

Climate Progress  |  NOAA says: El Niño expected to persist through Winter 2009-10

Climate Progress  |  NOAA: temperature for April, May predicts long and strong El Niño


National Geographic  |  CO2 levels highest in two million years

Science Daily  |  CO2 higher today than last 2.1 million years


Skeptical Science  |  CO2 + temperature correlation over 20th Century

Science Centric  |  Study documents close relationship between past warming and sea-level rise

Science Daily  |  Ozone Hole Reduces Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Uptake In Southern Ocean

Science Daily  |  Some Particles Cool Climate, Others Add To Global Warming

Science Daily  |  Carbon Footprint Calculator Enables First-ever Country By Country Comparison

NTNU  |  New tool:  Carbon footprint of nations

AP  |  Asia on Pace to Become Biggest Climate Change Driver by 2030

The Age  |  Austrialian engergy generation fuels rise of ghg emissions

Reuters  |  EU Eyes Toll Roads to Curb Emissions

Science Daily  |  Beyond Carbon Dioxide: Growing Importance Of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) In Climate Warming



Copenhagen (Preparations for the UNFCCC meeting in December 2009) 

Nature Reports  |  Halfway to Copenhagen, no way to 2 °C

COP 15  |  Study tags Germany as G8 climate leader, Canada as laggard

National Post  |  G8 stalemate shows it's time for climate cool-down

Progressive Economics  |  Canada at the  Climate Crossroads

Reuters  |  Major economies consider halving world CO2

OpenDemocracy  |  The politics of climate change

Irish Times  |  Political paralysis as clock ticks on climate change

Guardian  |  International promises on greenhouse gas emissions

UN COP 15  |  Report: Global climate disaster moves closer with unabated emissions

Reuters  |  Nations May Form Global CO2 Market Without UN Deal

Climate Progress  |  The Great Transformation: Culture change starting in Copenhagen

Solve Climate  UN Wrap-Up: Copenhagen climate treaty looks increasingly "impossible"

Solve Climate  |  UN Talks Produce Ideas for Financing Climate Adaptation, No Agreements


Reuters  |  Business Tycoons Advising UN Chief on Climate

Grist  |  Britain coughs up a coal-powered climate policy

Climate Progress  |  Exxon breaks promise in spirit

Guardian  |  ExxonMobil continuing to fund climate sceptic groups, records show

Wonk Room  |  Big Oil Report Shows Minimal Investment in Renewables  |  Why government agencies subsidise carbon, climate crash

UPI  |  Papa New Guinea to investigate authenticity of CO2 certificates

Reuters  |  Shell says U.S. oil refiners need more CO2 permits

ABC  |  Think tank: Australian states 'get raw deal' under emissions scheme

Solve Climate  |  Sen. Kerry Links Climate Change and US Security Threats

Nature  |  Police pinch protesting Hansen in climate change kerfuffle

James Hansen  |  Remarks at Coal River Mountain, Declaration of demonstrators


Syndey Morning Herald  |  CSIRO: Renewables may cost less than coal power

Christian Science Monitor  |  Green power improves lives in Bangladesh

NY Times  |  China invests billions in green power

Denver Post  |  US Western Governors ID ‘renewable energy hubs’

Register-Guard  |  Chinese Group Plans Oregon Solar Panel Hub

AFP  |  Bangladesh 'Green Revolution' Starts with Solar Power


Sicence Daily  |  flexible solar power shingles turn roofs into energy source

Science Daily  |  Transparent Solar Cells Made For Windows

Science Daily  |  Nanopillars Promise Cheap, Efficient, Flexible Solar Cells

Science Daily  |  How To Get Wind Turbines To Work Harder

Mongabay  |  Scientific study:  Wind could power the entire world

Science Daily  |  Is The Sky The Limit For Wind Power? High-flying Kites Could Light Up New York

Business Green  |  Researchers target New York for high altitude wind energy

Green Car Congress  |  Researchers Propose Milking Diatoms for Oil

Wall Street Journal  |  Plant-Based Jet Fuel Outperforms Oil

Science Daily  |  Biofuel Could Lighten Jet Fuel's Carbon Footprint Over 80 Percent

CNN  |  Scientists work on 'synthetic tree' to catch carbon 1000 times faster

NY Times  |  Companies reconnect Edison's Dream of DC electricity transmission

Business Green  |  Tokyo subway flooring converts commuter footfalls into electricity

Science Daily  |  World’s First-hydrogen Powered Yacht With Integrated Laboratory Will Study Mediterranean Pollution

Cleveland Plain Dealer  |  Duke Plans Nuclear Plant in Ohio


Guardian  |  Scottish parliament agrees tougher 42% target to cut emissions

Southern Fried Science  |  Big A+ for new movie, 'A Sea Change'

NY Times  |  Man who led coal plant in China now leads push for wind, solar energy

Guardian  |  Ireland plots a green revolution

Guardian  |  Costa Rica is world's greenest, happiest country

Science Daily  |  Model city Masdar: City to use renewable energy, no CO2 and no waste

Solve Climate  |  Building a Sustainable School on a Shoestring

Sustainable Business  |  EU: WWF and business co-promote renewables grid initiative

Earth2Tech  |  Lessons From South Korea’s Broadband Buildout for new smart grid technology

Independent  |  Auto-ban: German town goes car-free 

Science Daily  |  Roadsters Embrace Green Racing

Guardian  |  How science teacher from Oregon became YouTube phenomenon

Climate Progress  |  Cathy Zoi confirmed as US Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy 

Times Online  |  Al Gore invokes spirit of Churchill in battle against climate change  


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