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Guide to the Best Websites on SustainabilityAbout the Book

The Guide to the Best Websites on Sustainability is a Spanish publication that reviews more than 100 leading sustainability websites from around the world.  Author Manuel Quirós Galdón points to a statistic that motivated him to research and write this Guide:  95% of people who use the internet read web pages from their own country and in their own language.  The Guide to the Best Websites on Sustainability features websites in a number of languages (English and Spanish mostly) to promote sharing of sustainability information across languages, cultures and national boundaries.  It is no surprise that the author’s website pledges to use the proceeds from the first release to have it translated into English, either with or without the assistance of a sustainability fund or institution. 

Disclosure: is featured in the Guide to the Best Websites on Sustainability.   



Interview of Manuel Quirós Galdón, author of Guide to the Best Websites on Sustainability
Interview and edits by Michael McGee of CO2Now.

McGee:  Manuel Quirós: Why did you write a book about the best sustainability websites?

Quirós: There are millions of sites and blogs on the internet. People who are interested in sustainability can easily get lost in the forest of options.  By creating a guide that features some of the best sites, people can discover excellent information sources and people doing leading-edge work on sustainability. As well, it is for people who are sceptical of the need for sustainability work; it shows them that businesses, universities, think tanks and people around the world are serious and committed to the advancement of sustainability. 

McGee:  What one or two characteristic that each selected website has? 

Quirós: Each site is a jewel to be discovered. Some bring a philosophy of life.  Some are outstanding sources of reliable information and resources.  Others show us what climate leadership is, along with ground-breaking ways of engaging people on important local and global issues.  All of them certainly show enthusiasm and give us hope for a better world that is greener, vibrant, just and of course, sustainable. 

McGee:  How does the book fit with other sustainability projects you are working on? 

Quirós: I teach Environment and Sustainability at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid.   At the start of a new course, the students often do not understand the term ‘sustainability’. Some do not see it as important.  This reflects the general attitude of people in Spain today.  This is worrisome because our students are the next generation and they should be leading us toward solutions.  There is also the IPCC reports that tell us that Spain will be hit extra hard by climate changes and impacts.   It will be hit hard because of its georgraphic location.  These issues will be huge in this country.  There are some tough times ahead.  The Guide to Best Websites on Sustainability is helping students develop and prepare for the changes that are happening in Spain and around the world.  It gives them access to some of the best sustainability resources and expertise from different parts of the world, even though most of the websites are in English, not just Spanish.  This use of the online sustainability guide helps to make the university setting a center for driving new knowledge in sustainability issues. 

McGee:  Would you like to say anything else about your book? 

Quirós: The book is a modest contribution to bring more order to the vast world of sustainability information on the internet.  My aim is to assist as many people as possible around the world, and the internet is the ideal place. I am already working on a second volume because there are other sites that are making a unique contribution to sustainability.  


Editor’s note: With free, online tools like Google Translate, Yahoo! Babel Fish, and the Bing Translator, you can benefit from Manuel Quirós Galdón’s ebook today. This can only work for the PDF ebook edition. 

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