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Annual Levels for Atmospheric CO2

Atmospheric CO2 (ppm)The 2013 average annual concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (Mauna Loa Observatory) is 396.48 parts per million (ppm).   The 2012 average is 393.82 ppm.  

For the past decade (2004-2013) the average annual increase is 2.1 ppm per year.  The average for the prior decade (1994-2003) is 1.9 ppm per year.    Annual data for 2012 was first posted January 9, 2014, by NOAA-ESRL in the United States. 

Since the 1958 start of precision CO2 measurements in the atmosphere, the annual mean concentration of CO2 has only increased from one year to the next.   The CO2 data below provide a simple view of the annual trend. 

Year        CO2 (ppm)           Notes

2013        396.48

2012        393.82

2011        391.63

2010       389.85                   

2009       387.37                   Copenhagen Accord

2008       385.59                  

2007       383.76                

2006       381.90 

1997       363.71                   Kyoto Protocol

1992       356.38                   Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

1987       349.16                   The last year when the annual CO2 level was less than 350 ppm

1959       315.97                   The first year with a full year of instrument data 


Source Annual CO2 Data:   NOAA-ESRL Data File Created January 9, 2014 


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